Value Added Services at WireMasters®

Let WireMasters, Inc. customize your wire, cable, and connectivity solutions! With the highest quality value-added department in the aerospace and defense industry, we specialize in services such as; Laser Marking, cut and strip, custom cables, kitting, wire twisting, wire striping, VMI programs, custom markers, and more! Our experienced team can help build a solution that’s right for you and work with your engineers so that all customized products are made specifically for your systems! With over 4000 Mil-Spec and BMS parts in stock and in-house advanced machines such as the Spectrum Nova 860, Spectrum Capris 50-300, and Schleuniger PowerStrip-9500, we can reduce your lead times and save you money! When it comes to your job, you only want the best products. WireMasters guarantees we will provide the top quality value added services in the wire and cable industry!

Laser Mark- WireMasters offers high-quality laser printing services, which provide a reliable and permanent solution for wire and cable identification.

Laser Marking Services

Kitting- Speed up your production time with WireMasters kitting services. Harnessing components can be combined into individual kits with the wire, accessories, and connectors needed to complete your projects. All kits will be ready to use as soon as they pass your receiving inspection!

Kitting Services

Custom Bar Coding - Let us place a custom bar code on your material and make your receiving and inspection process easier!

Custom Barcoding

Cut and Strip - Offering a broad series of cut and strip services, capable of wire ranging from 4 to 30 gauge. 

Cut and Strip Services

Custom Markers - WireMasters creates custom markers for wire/cable management and identification. These meet or exceed industry standards in quality, durability, and contrast. Our various processes are capable of printing in a number of fonts, sizes, and even your logo.

Custom Marker Options

VMI - With our Vendor/Supplier Managed Inventory programs,        WireMasters is a proven Aerospace VMI provider and can customize program details to meet your specific supply requirements. 

WireMasters® VMI Programs

Custom Wire Processing - WireMasters provides a full line of wire processing services including striping, ink-printing, twisting and etching.

Custom Wire Processing

Custom Re-Spooling - WireMasters can re-spool your wire and cable on your preferred spool styles and sizes, with only the length you need per spool! 

Custom Re-Spooling

Custom Cables - WireMasters can work with your engineers to design a custom cable specifically for your application.

Custom Cables

Solderability Testing - WireMasters is now certified per the IPC J-STD-002 standards to perform Steam Aging and “Dip and Look” solderability testing.

Testing Services