Vendor Managed Inventory

Streamline your inventory, eliminate line-down situations, and increase productivity with Vendor-Managed Inventory services from WireMasters!

With years of highly successful VMI programs in place at many of the largest names in the aerospace, defense, and transportation industries, WireMasters knows what it takes to implement a VMI program to fit your needs—large or small.

Whether you are looking for a quick solution to implement immediately or a robust long-term partnership, WireMasters has you covered. Over the years, we have gone to great lengths to develop a highly flexible and easy-to-modify solution based on each customer’s unique requirements. This has evolved into one of the most robust and transparent vendor managed inventory options available, where its users benefit from improved forecasting, real-time transparency, customized KPI reports, and an enhanced analytics platform.

What is Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)? 

WireMasters Vendor-Managed-Inventory (VMI) solutions are designed around your needs. From 3PL solutions to JIT programs, to simply establishing contracted pricing on your always-needed products – you’re covered with a VMI solution from WireMasters!  

How do I know if I need a VMI program? 

More than just a distributor of wire, connectors, and everything in your harness—WireMasters has developed relationships and technology platforms to become your global consultant and supply chain management partner. 

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Common signs that you should consider a VMI program include: 

  • Experiencing long lead times and stock-out situations 
  • Capital being tied up in inventory cost 
  • Unnecessary frustration from dealing with too many suppliers 
  • Lack of visibility into your supply chain or forecasting 

What are the benefits of a VMI from WireMasters? 

WireMasters is here to make your job easier by focusing on your needs from the very start of your WireMastersFAST VMI implementation process. 

While nearly every WireMasters VMI program is unique, several common benefits include: 

  • No more stock-out situations 

  • Improved cash flow 

  • Stable pricing & plannability 

  • Reduced number of suppliers to manage 

  • Enhanced data and analytics for improved forecasting 

  •  Reduced number of transactions in the buying cycle 

  • Consolidated billing & receiving  

  • Reduced inventory costs 

  • Supply chain protection from volatile markets ...and MORE! 

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Vendor Managed Inventory: Reduce Inventory Cost

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