Times Microwave Systems (TMS)-Leader In Coaxial Transmission Line Technology

Times Microwave Systems (TMS) was established in 1948 and are known for the development of closed cell low loss polyethylene foam dielectrics and low loss taped PTFE dielectric coaxial cable that established today's high-performance coaxial cable industry. Their expertise has shown great influences on military specifications MIL-C-17 coaxial cables and MIL-T-81490 for Transmission Lines and brings a high level of value to the design of coax, RF and microwave interconnect products.

As an authorized distributor of Times Microwave products, WireMasters stocks TMS coaxial transmission line products-cables, tools, and connectors!

Need additional help? Use the Coaxial Cable - attenuation & power handling calculator- go to: http://www.timesmicrowave.com/calculator/ or contact our sales team at wminfo@wiremasters.net.