M85485 Filterline

Stocking a wide variety of M85485 filterline, also known as SAE AS85485 by top manufactures such as Judd and T/E Connectivity (55FB product listings). Filterline is a "radiofrequency absorptive wire” composed of tiny particles of conductive material incorporated into the second layer of a 3-layer hookup wire. These conductive particles intercept and block (filter) out typically low-frequency electrical interferences from other outside sources. This technology allows a signal to be transmitted from the control to the component without being harmed or interrupted.

Using the M85485 filterline spec offers multiple benefits including reduced weight saving and cost reductions.

These products are much lighter than their metal shielded counterparts and feature fewer braids for simpler interconnect designs making for lower overall termination costs. Placing filterline throughout your applications can be ideal for situations where power & signal wires run in close proximity, limited space restricts/limits the use of braid coverage, cost or use of a filtered connector is prohibitive, or space and weight are at a premium.

For more information about filterline or similar military specification products call your WireMasters Sales Representative. Let us save you time and money by locating a Mil-Spec wire or cable to fit your harness needs.