Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions

WireMasters® is committed to providing high-quality service to our customers! As one of the world leaders in wire and cable distribution, we can help manage your inventory with our VMI cable (Vendor Supplier Managed Inventory) program. WireMasters VMI program can improve your efficiency by offering customized stocking solutions. Built to meet your operational timelines and program objectives, our experienced inventory control team creates seamless program managing systems. Aware that your supply demands constantly vary, we create a web-based program that provides you with complete visibility of on-hand materials within your VMI site. When building your VMI program, WireMasters will create a micro-site at your warehouse or a nearby facility, and safely stocks your required parts and materials that you purchase through our Electronic Data System as needed. Once implemented, your company is guaranteed to experience reduced inventory carrying costs, better cash flow, complete inventory visibility, and reduced administrative costs.