T/E Connectivity

The capabilities of T/E Connectivity are endless. With 78,000 employees, the company staffs 7,000 engineers that are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to redefine the world of connectivity. For over 75 years, their team has been delivering sustainable, reliable, and efficient wire, cable, and interconnect options.

TE Connectivity’s research has helped gain insight and drive innovation. Aerospace, Military, and Defense operating conditions are known for producing harsh and unpredictable environments. Through the data gained from their extensive studies, TE produces connectivity products you can depend on. With their products, you can optimize weight savings, enhance data transfer rates, increase power, while providing a dependable solution.

WireMasters stocks a variety of TE Connectivity products including; Spec 55 cross-crosslinked ETFE, BMS13-48, Filter Line, high-speed data cables, Spec 44 Cross-linked PVDF (polyvinylidene difluoride), EPS products, Spec 82A FlexLine, and EPD cables.