CarlisleIT |Tensolite| Thermax

WireMasters serves as an authorized distributor for Carlisle Interconnect Technology (CarlisleIT), Tensolite, and Thermax. 

Carlisle is known for providing innovative and customized solutions for 70+ years.  Carlisle’s goal is to drive the industry forward with top-quality wiring products and accessories. Their dedication is to a broad range of markets including Aerospace, Military, Space, Test and Measurement, Medical Technology and Industrial. The employees of CarlisleIT place emphasis on developing high performance wire, cables, cable assemblies, high-speed data cables (netflight), coaxial cables, EMI protection, connectors, and RF/Microwave products. They specifically have a focus on finding dynamic interconnect solutions and optimizing data transfer rates.

Tensolite Carlisle Interconnect Technology was formally known as Tensolite. CarlisleIT started serving the wiring industry under the name Tensolite in 1940 as a research laboratory in New York. While there, the company investigated the properties and commercial possibilities of various plastics and synthetic fibers.

Thermax is a specialized wire and cable manufacturer that mainly focuses on high-temperature fluoropolymers in their wire insulation and cable jacketing. Carlisle Interconnect Technology purchased the Thermax brand in 2012. 



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