KH200(TW) 3/16" CLR heat shrink tubing

WMKH200(TW)0.188 MFG #: KH200(TW) 3/16" CLR
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  • Heat Shrink Material: Flame Retardant Fluoropolymer
  • Heat Shrink Size: 3/16
  • Shrink Ratio: 2:1
Sumitomo SUMITUBE™ KH200(TW) 3/16" CLR is a highly heat resistant, highly flexible heat-shrink tubing made from cross-linked flexible flame-retarded fluoroelastomer. The KH200(TW) offers protection for wire and devices which are used under high temperature or exposed to chemicals and oils.
  • Operating Temperature Max (Celsius)
  • Operating Temperature Min (Celsius)