ASNE-0272-TK-22U is a 2-Core light weight cable using 2 ASN-E 0261(CF) primary wires Polyamide/FEP tape insulated primary wire with FEP lacquer, 600V, 200 C, red and blue color

WMASNE-0272-TK-22U MFG #: ASNE-0272-TK-22U
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  • EN # Of Cores: 2
  • EN Gauges: 004 (22)
EN Wire and Cable specifications are known as Airbus and Eurocopter wire and cables. Offered in a variety of different constructions, you can quickly recognize these parts as they all begin with the prefix en. The en spec can also fall under multiple categories such as hook up and airframe wires, coaxial cables, twinax bus cables, quad Ethernet cables, optical cables, flight test cables, fire resistant cables, power feeder cables, and then some are specialty cables.
  • Conductor Material
  • Jacketing Material
  • Temperature Range
  • Voltage Rating
Nickel Plated Copper
Polyimide & FEP topcoat
- 55�C to 200�C