WM55PC0222-12-9/96 MFG #: 55PC0222-12-9/96
Requires Quote
Due to current industry shortages, please expect a lead time of approximately 16 - 22 weeks.
  • Cable Construction: Unshielded and Unjacketed
  • Conductor Count: 2
  • Conductor Type: Silver Plated Copper
  • Gauge: 12
  • VoltageRating: 600
SPEC 55 wire is insulated with modified radiation cross-linked ETFE polymer and combines the easy handling of a flexible wire with excellent scrape abrasion and cut-through characteristics. The dual wall airframe construction of SPEC 55 wire is currently used on numerous aircraft programs. It has a choice of two total wall thicknesses, 0.25 [.010] (55A08XX 10 mil) and 0.2 [.008] (55A02XX 8 mil). Both have a contrasting core color to act as a dam- age indicator. Chosen for its balance of properties, SPEC 55 wire has outstanding resistance to chemicals and solvents, excellent electrical arc track resistance, and is not susceptible to UV and moisture degradation. Single wall equipment wire constructions are available in 0.10 [.004] (55/03XX 4 mil) and 0.15 [.006] (6 mil) wall thicknesses for use inside black boxes where flexibility and solder- iron resistance make it a wire which is very easy to install reliably. Both single and dual wall insulated wires are available in twisted pairs, triples, etc., and as shielded and jacketed cables.