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Amanda Kole

WireMasters Mesa Expands with New Value-Added Capabilities

Our Arizona warehouse is growing! We are excited to announce we have expanded our Mesa value-added department with a new laser marking machine and added striping capabilities. The value-added services will largely benefit companies on the West Coast that need a quick lead time on these processes.

The new Spectrum Nova 860 laser marking machine has the ability to mark gauge sizes 26 AWG to 6 AWG, and jacketed cables with similar ODs. Laser Marked wire and cable provide a high-quality and permanent solution to marking your wiring with alphanumeric characters for easy identification on materials such as; XLETFE, PTFE, FEP, ETFE or similar jackets.

Our new striping machine made by Reel Power can mark 28 to 8 AWG (8 AWG just on certain insulation materials) and put up to 3 helical stripes on the wire in any combination of colors. This is part of WireMasters Custom Wire Processing capabilities and is another easy way to identify your wiring.

WireMasters established a location in Arizona in 2013 and expanded with a brand-new warehouse near the Falcon Field Airport in October 2017. It’s a goal for our team to continue expanding our capabilities at our Arizona facility, and also among our other locations in-Tennessee, Texas, Rhode Island, Mexico, and Europe.

We are accepting orders on our new machines NOW! Chat with your Account Executive today to place your order or email our team at!

For more information on Laser Marking-CLICK HERE

For Additional information on Striping and other custom wire processing -CLICK HERE

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