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MS3450 - MS3459 Series | MIL-DTL-5015 Rear Release Connectors

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WireMasters has thousands of MS3450 - MS3459 Series MIL-DTL-5015 connectors in stock!

Designed to meet the latest technology standards, these environmentally sealed connectors are often utilized in industrial applications and some of the most demanding aerospace and defense systems. The environments these platforms endure are often harsh, which is why MIL-DTL-5015 products are engineered to

Mil-Spec Wire & Cable | Back to the Basics

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With all the recent talk about connectors, it's time to revisit what originally made WireMasters famous – Mil-Spec Wire and Cable. WireMasters has provided high-quality wiring products to the aerospace and defense industries for more than 30 years! Mil-Spec hook-up wire, BMS specs, cables, custom wiring, GORE® Cables, shipboard, TE cables...the list is lengthy!

Speaking of lengthy, with locations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe, WireMasters has the globe covered with enough wire in stock to wrap around the circumference of the earth! With extensive...

Order-up! Mil-Spec connectors are now served!

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Connector news traveled fast, and like a crowd anxious to try the latest restaurant in town, customers quickly put WireMasters to the test. In typical WireMasters’ fashion, we delivered– fulfilling orders small, medium, and large!

Served-up the way you need them, MIL-DTL-38999 and MIL-DTL-26482 Mil-Spec connectors are built-to-order and meticulously prepared at WireMasters’ new 30,000 square foot facility in Mexicali, Mexico. Despite demand, WireMasters’ speed of service remains top-notch, with most orders out-the-door within 36 hours.

On the lighter side of the menu, MS3057 Clamps & Accessories and M85049/128 Termination...

Gore Awarded Innovators Awards by Military & Aerospace Electronics

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Congratulations are in order for our friends at  W. L. Gore & Associates ( Gore), as their GORE® Aerospace Fiber Optic Cables, 1.8 mm Simplex were recognized among the best by the 2019 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards. An esteemed and experienced panel of judges from the aerospace and defense community recognized Gore as a Platinum...

WireMasters Becomes Global Distributor for Ella Engineering—Mil-Spec Contacts

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COLUMBIA, TN – Thursday, May 26, 2020 – The news continues to spread - WireMasters is investing to expand its connector offering! In addition to offering QPL build-to-order D38999 and 26482 Series II connectors, WireMasters most recently announced that they have become a global distributor for Ella Engineering.

Ella Engineering—a precision manufacturer of Mil-Spec contacts, custom contacts, and other components—is one-of-a-kind when it comes to quality, advanced technology, and pursuit of

WireMasters Now Offering Build-to-Order QPL Mil-Spec Connectors

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Do you want connectors with that? Let's be real, ordering mil-spec components is nothing like buying lunch, but that doesn’t mean you have to scour the globe to find every part for your wiring harness. At WireMasters, everything in your harness is on our shelves.

It’s no secret that WireMasters offers wire and cable. However, if providing wire and related components over the last 30+ years to some of the top names in the aerospace and defense industry has taught this company anything, it's that WireMasters exists to make customers’ lives easier by giving them

WireMasters Adds PRECI-DIP – Its Fourth Connector Line Supplier This Year

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WireMasters announced they are now an authorized distributor for PRECI-DIP’s full line of products making it the fourth connector expansion for the company in 2019. Known for precision-made interconnect components, PRECI-DIP is a leading manufacturer for contacts, sockets, and connectors.

“This is great news for our company and our customers,” said David C. Hill, President, and CEO of WireMasters. “We are very excited about this expansion, along with the other product lines we have put into place this year. These are all efforts to...

Wiremasters Connector Offerings Expanding as New Distribution Agreement with Compaero Is Signed

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WireMasters announced they have entered into a distribution agreement with Compaero for a variety of backshells, adapters, protective covers, termination bands, cable clamps, and other connector accessories.

AS9100D certified, Compaero manufactures accessories for almost every type of circular connector, along with some rectangular products. Expertly designed, their variety of connector accessories are “stock to build” to fit a broad range of...

WireMasters Rhode Island Receives QPL Approval at New Facility

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WireMasters new Rhode Island (R.I.) facility has officially received their updated QPL (Qualified Products List) letter from NAVAIR. The Rhode Island location is now fully authorized to manufacture and ship M27500 cables. Although the R.I. facility has been producing these cables for several years, they recently ...

WireMasters Connects with Corsair Forming Partnership for Electrical Connectors

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WireMasters is excited to announce a new partnership with Corsair. As an AS9100  certified manufacturer, Corsair supplies connectors for the most demanding military and aerospace applications.   WireMasters will be a full line value-added distributor offering 38999, 5015, 26482, thermocouple contacts and ground power receptacles. 

“Teaming with Corsair is an honor and great advancement for our connector group. It is a...


WireMasters Announces Randy Short's Retirement

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Randy and David

It is with great honor we announce the retirement of Randy Short. Randy has served as WireMasters HR Manager for the last 8 years and is also the WireMasters Employee of the Year for 2018.

After joining WireMasters in 2010, Randy devoted himself to the responsibilities of leading the Human Resources department. His enthusiasm has made working at WireMasters a pleasure for employees and in doing so contributed to the excellent quality of service at WireMasters. We have all benefited from his leadership, encouragement, and friendship and he will be greatly missed among the team.

Wiremasters To Be the First Distributor to Stock Gore® Space Cables

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As the authorized North American distributor for W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. (Gore) bulk wire and cable, WireMasters is excited to announce we are adding specific Gore® Space Cables to our product offerings. WireMasters is the first distributor that Gore® has offered their space products to and an initial stock package for the High Data Rate Spaceflight Cables is a necessity.

The aspiration and interest of space travel and satellites continue to rise. For over 25 years, Gore® has been supplying wiring solutions to space applications with a 100% success...

Lights, Camera, ACTION- WireMasters Style

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Video Image

 WireMasters is excited to release our new marketing video! As we continue to expand our number of full service locations, our stocking selection of wire and cable products is growing to accommodate our customers and support the applications they are building. This video provides an overview of those product offerings, value-added services, and industries/applications we serve. We are investing in our customers’ futures by offering visual examples of how WireMasters can support their ...

WireMasters Mesa Expands with New Value-Added Capabilities

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Our Arizona warehouse is growing! We are excited to announce we have expanded our Mesa value-added department with a new laser marking machine and added striping capabilities. The value-added services will largely benefit companies on the West Coast that need a quick lead time on these processes.

The new Spectrum Nova 860 laser marking machine has the ability to mark gauge sizes 26 AWG to 6 AWG, and jacketed cables with similar ODs. Laser Marked wire and cable provide a high-quality and permanent solution to marking your wiring with alphanumeric characters for easy identification...

New ADS-B Systems Bring Coaxial Demands: RG58 VS. RG400

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A recent Avionics News Article highlighted the need to upgrade coaxial cables from RG58 to M17/128-RG400. Aircraft are currently upgrading to Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B), which the FAA is calling the “hallmarks of NextGen surveillance.” Implementing the new technology helps determine the position, traffic, weather, and other related flight-information used for air-traffic control.

Beginning January 1, 2020, all aircraft that fly within most controlled airspaces must be equipped with an ADS-B system, and as such upgrades to these new requirements have begun. The transmit power o...

Flexible High-Temperature Coax Cable: RG142

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Coax rg142

One of our top versatile coax cables WireMasters stocks is RG142 also referred to as, M17/60-RG142. This product has proven to be an excellent solution for a vast range of applications, specifically in the military and aerospace industries. This week WireMasters is highlighting this product as we provide you with detailed information on why we...

Wyre Tek Receives Additional QPL Status

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wyretek 1



Today Wyre Tek, a WireMasters Company, announces additions to its NEMA WC27500-2015 Qualified Products List (QPL).  The approval from NAVAIR/NEMA is a breakthrough as it includes numerous supplementary shielded and shielded/jacketed constructions.

 Wyre Tek has a long history of manufacturing to the WC27500 specification and was among the first to receive QPL approval when the spec was first revised to require it in 2012. Now with these new approvals, all WC27500 cables manufactured by Wyre Tek have QPL status...

WireMasters Named Authorized Distributor For Leader In Coaxial Transmission Line Technology, Times Microwave Systems

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Times Microwave Products

Columbia, TN USA – WireMasters, an industry leader in sales and distribution for wire, cable and interconnect accessories, announced today they have partnered with Times Microwave Systems (TMS) as an authorized distributor. Times Microwave is an industry leader for coaxial cables and accessories that offer the broadest range of transmission line solutions for...

Turning Polymers Into Possibilities

WireMasters Supplier Spotlight on Zeus Part 1

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PTFE Tubing

Turning polymers into possibilities. That’s what our great friends at Zeus are known for. WireMasters and Zeus have been developing our relationship as manufacture and supplier for many years now. As one of WireMasters’ top suppliers, Zeus supplies us with high-quality aerospace protective.

Zeus’ high-performance polymer components are manufactured to accelerate and enhance customer’s aerospace and defense systems with...