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2011 - New Laser Marking and Laser Stripping Equipment

We have expanded our value-added department with the addition of a Nova 860 and a Sienna 325D from Spectrum Technologies.

Expansions include our Nova 860 Laser Marking Machine:

The Nova 860 is a fully automated high performance UV solid state laser wire marking systems, designed for complex wire harness manufacturing applications at any production level.

wiremasters nova 860

Features of the Nova 860:

  • Allows set up and process of up to 9 wires at once and delivers the fastest possible changeover time (6 sec).
  • Highly legible print - ergonomic font complies fully with SAE ARP 5607 "Legibility of Print on Aerospace Wires and Cables"
  • New digital, optical "KSD" (knot and splice detector)
  • Main code with 2 source and 2 destination code marking
  • 4 print sizes in 2 orientations with automatic changeover
  • Processes 28 AWG - 6 AWG wires and cables, from 6" (15cm) - 3,250 ft (999m)

Other new equipment includes our Sienna 325D Laser Stripping Machine:

Features of the Sienna 325D:

  • Strips various wire configurations up to 0.24" O.D. such as:
    • Single wire
    • Twin lead
    • Twisted pairs
    • Coaxial
    • Ribbon cables
  • Processes multiple wires or cables simultaneously
  • Laser strips high temperature, hard or soft insulation materials
  • Performs end strips and cross cuts, windows, and patterns

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