Testing Capabilities for Wire and Cable

WireMasters® is certified per the IPC J-STD-002 standards to perform Steam Aging and “Dip and Look” solderability testing. The purpose of this process is to verify that the solderability of component leads and termination meets the requirements of the consumer and that storage of the material has no adverse effect on the ability to solder components.

Performed at temperatures of 235 ± -5 °C, the procedure includes a dipping mechanism, a solder pot, a low power microscope, and if applicable, steam aging of the test samples. Once testing is completed, full paperwork is provided to the customer. WireMasters has two top of the line machines to complete the testing procedures, an RPS Cadence Steam Aging System and an RPS Prelude 202 Solderability Test System.

There are a number of advantages to using solderability

including increased first-time pass rate and product reliability, improved product quality, and savings on rework costs. Let WireMasters help save you time and money with solderability testing!

More Testing Solutions

WireMasters® also has the capability to perform Instron tensile testing, dielectric proof or spark testing, and dielectric withstand, commonly known as hipot testing. We are able to provide state of the art testing due to our large equipment base including but not limited to our Instron 3343, Cadence Steam Aging System, and Prelude Solderability Tester. 

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