Laser Stripping Services 

WireMasters® Laser Stripping machine, the SIENNA 325D, is a compact, bench-top unit dual axis wire stripper enabling complex strip patterns to be completed at any point along the length of the wire or cable. This capability allows the machine to perform a cross-cut and slit operation to aid slug removal and window strips to form terminations in the center of the wire or cable. The standard scan area is 100 mm x 100 mm (4 inch x 4 inch).

Advanced Laser Stripping Machine

Our advanced SIENNA 325D has the flexibility to adapt to a wide variety of wire and cable sizes and shapes with the added ability to strip both common and complex wire insulators. Striping wire configurations up to 0.24" O.D, the machine can process multiple wire and cables simultaneously. Stripping high temperature, hard or soft insulation materials, various configurations can be processed such as, single wire, twin lead, twisted pairs, coaxial, ribbon cables, and more! The end strips will perform cross cuts, windows, and patterns depending on your requirements. The addition of this laser stripping equipment insures faster delivery and decreased lead times with the same quality you have come to expect from us!

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