Laser Marking Value Added Services

Laser marking is a high quality, durable identification method for use with high-performance electrical wires and fiber optics used by the aerospace industry. WireMasters®, Inc. can effectively mark white or colored insulation including XLETFE, PTFE, FEP, ETFE or similar jackets, up to 6 AWG. These jacket materials can generally be marked in all forms including extruded polymers and thin tapes. Laser marking wire provides a high quality, high contrast, permanent, non-contact method for wire and cable with alphanumeric characters for identification. Our process of laser marking is a reliable and verifiable alternative to non-permanent and high-maintenance wire marking methods such as direct ink or hot stamping. Unlike hot stamping, laser marking does not cause damage or change to the electrical or mechanical properties of the wire and will not wear off due to solvents or friction. It maintains complete insulation integrity and is accepted as a manufacturing process within the international aerospace industry.

Ultra Violet (UV) Laser Marking

UV Laser Marking is a cold process that is accomplished by the absorption of the laser radiation on the surface of the wire insulation. This creates a reaction with the UV-sensitive pigments, leaving a high contrast mark on the surface. Text can be laser marked in various fonts and sizes, either vertically or horizontally, with no masking required. UV laser marking is the specified method of marking wire and cable used in defense and aerospace industries and is specified by many industry leaders such as Boeing and Sikorsky. WireMasters utilizes top-of-the-line laser marking/cutting systems by Spectrum and Laselec within our Tennessee and Texas facilities. For customized laser marking with the shortest lead times, call us today.

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About our Equipment

WireMasters is more than equipped with the proper technology to get all of your laser marking projects done. We currently have a Spectrum Capris 50 - 300, Spectrum Nova 860, Laselec VLY 330, Laselec VLYS Modena 990, and a Laselec MRO 200 machine. No project is too big or small for WireMasters.

laser marking on white military wire

WireMasters has Laser Marking capabilities unsurpassed in volume and quality.