Cut and Strip Solutions at WireMasters®

WireMasters can cover a broad range of cut and strip requirements including cut to length, full or partial strip (right and left), laser stripping, multi-step strips, multi-layer stripping, and multi-step stripping with slitting and window stripping. Our trained personnel and top of line equipment ensure that your job is done right cutting your wire to your specified length and then stripping the insulation to your specifications.

We can accommodate from 4 to 30 AWG Products

within a wide variety of cable configurations, and we even offer laser wire stripping for more delicate applications, such as multi-conductor cable assemblies and ribbon cables. Let WireMasters streamline your manufacturing and installation process with the highest quality cut and strip services in the industry. Contact your WireMasters account executive for more information or to request a quote on all your upcoming cut and strip requirements.

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Cut and Strip Equipment

WireMasters has the capability to meet tight deadlines and tackle any Cut and Strip project due to our large Value Added Departments spread across the US. We also have all the necessary equipment including a Spectrum Sienna 325D Laser Stripper, a Kodera Casting C370 Mechanical Stripper, Schleuniger Unistrip 2300, Schleuniger Powerstrip 9500 Mechanical Stripper, and an AMTI Slice 142 Cut Machine.

Cut and Strip job at WireMasters®

WireMasters offers cut and strip value added services that meets or exceeds your process standards.