Custom Wire Striping 

WireMasters® provides a full line of wire processing services including striping, ink-printing, twisting, and etching. Our wire processing department utilizes trained technicians and industry leading wire processing equipment to provide you the highest quality products and short lead times. With our wire striping capabilities, WireMasters® wire specifications are not limited to ten color codes. WireMasters® can help you identify your materials easily by striping wires up to 8 gauge with one or multiple stripes on material such as; PTFE, PVC, XLPE, and nylon jacketed materials like THHN wire. Some material such at PTFE and FEP can be hard to handle. With WireMasters® etching service, we can chemically etch your cable with a sodium solution which creates a rougher and easier to work with surface. Once complete, you will benefit with reduced slippage, more bondable surface, and easier to process through cutting equipment.

Wire Twisting

WireMasters also has the capability of twisting mutliconductor wires in-house to help enhance your installation process. With our industry leading machines and equipment, we can twist up to seven legs on wire gauges up to 10 AWG. WireMasters® can group your single conductor wires into one single configuration saving you time and money. Contact your WireMasters® account executive for more information or to request a quote on all your upcoming wire processing needs and projects!

Request Custom Wire Processing

Custom wire processing in action
WireMasters wire striping in process.