Custom Kitting Value Added Services

WireMasters® can help speed up your production cycle by kitting your cable harnessing materials, making them ready to use as soon as they pass your receiving inspection. This is a completely customizable service from WireMasters®. We can package different wires together, pre-cut & stripped, and kit them with other materials needed to complete the harness assemblies. This can include harness components such as; wire, cable, heat shrink, printed markers, connectors, contacts, pins, backshells, and other needed interconnect accessories. Further, we can package and label each of these items independently, and even apply a custom bar code to them. Those individual packages can also then be placed into a larger bag, also labeled to your specification, so that it can be delivered straight to the production line. Contact your WireMasters® account executive to discuss how our kitting services can work for you.

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Custom kitting example
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