Instalite ZH-150 Raychem Tubing

Lightweight High-Temperature, Zerohal Heat-Shrinkable Tubing

Instalite ZH-150 tubing from T/E Connectivity (T/E) is the first heat-shrinkable tubing to combine high-temperature and zero halogen properties in a lightweight material.

  • Unique Material, Exceptional Properties

    T/E’s groundbreaking Instalite ZH-150 heat-shrink tubing helps you meet existing and future requirements for zero halogen, limited fire hazard tubing with high-temperature properties. The tubing helps provide excellent mechanical and electrical protection for wire and cable harnesses across multiple environments. This new breakthrough in material science provides a heat-shrink product that can deliver protection for people and equipment in a high-temperature, lightweight product.

    With these top quality sleeving products, you can easily provide sealing, strain relief, and identification solutions to your robust systems for optimized performance and installation procedures.

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    For detailed information on each of the Instalite T/E –Raychem tubing products view the Instalite PDF. If you have any additional questions email or call our WireMasters sales force at 1.800.635.5342.