Harbour Industries

Harbour has been manufacturing high temperature, high-performance cable for the military, commercial and industrial applications since 1965.   

The 1960’s and 70’s were spent investing in Aerospace applications, including the construction of a Canadian manufacturing facility.  

In the 1980’s and 90’s, Harbour added capabilities for new Mil-Spec cables and RF Microwave cable. The Marmon group bought Harbour in 1994.  

In 2008, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. acquired a majority interest in the Marmon Group of companies. Marmon Wire & Cable LLC now has 12 member companies whose focus is on wire and cable with annual sales of approximately $1 billion and around 2,300 employees in North America and Europe.


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Harbour Industries is QPL’d on the following Mil-Spec Wire and Cable constructions.

M22759 (SAE AS22759)

Extruded PTFE

  • Up To 1000 V And 260° C

Mineral-Filled Extruded PTFE 

  • Up To 600 V And 260° C

Extruded ETFE 

  • Up To 600 V And 150° C

M27500 (WC27500)

RC-06 & RC-09 Extruded PTFE 

  • SAE AS22759/11 Inners

TE-14 Extruded ETFE 

  • SAE AS22759/16 Primary Conductors

TG-14 Extruded ETFE 

  • SAE AS22759/18 Inners




Harbour industries is QPL’d to build MIL-DTL-17 cables. All 50-ohm constructions are swept for VSWR to ensure product quality. Harbour also manufactures specialty versions of MIL-DTL-17 cable for use in wireless communication and antenna systems worldwide.

Harbour also manufactures special RF microwave cables used for military and commercial aerospace applications, radio communication systems, internal RF transmission lines, and antenna distribution systems. This series of coaxial cables include LL Low-Loss coax with High-Velocity PTFE dielectrics and composite shields for high frequency and high power applications. Flat strip braids are also used in Harbour's SB coax series, and spiral shields are used in Harbour's SS coax series.

LL (Low Loss) Coaxial Cable

  • Solid center conductors
  • Expanded PTFE tape dielectrics and composite braided shields
  • Performance guaranteed to frequencies as high as 40GHz

LL (Low Loss) Coaxial Cable

  • Stranded center conductors
  • For use in higher flexing applications
  • Also uses expanded PTFE tape dielectrics and composite braided shields

LLS (Low Loss Spiral Shield)

  • Expanded PTFE tape dielectrics and composite braided shields
  • Performance guaranteed to frequencies as high as 40GHz

SB (Strip Braid) Coaxial Cable

  • Solid PTFE dielectrics and composite braided shields
  • Performance guaranteed to frequencies as high as 26GHz

SS Rock SStable® Spiral Strip Coaxial Cable

  • Solid PTFE dielectrics and spiral strip shield shields
  • Performance guaranteed to frequencies as high as 40GHz

SFL Rock Sstable® Spiral Flex Coaxial Cable

  • More flexible and supple versions of SS spiral strip coax

MIL-DTL-17 coaxial cables

  • QPL approved constructions

HS (High Strength) Coaxial Cable

  • Incorporates braids with high break strength

TRX (Triaxial) Coaxial Cable

  • Incorporates braids that are isolated from each other by an intermediate FEP layer



High-Speed Aircraft Ethernet Cables

Harbour has developed a full line of high-speed data cables for Aerospace applications. These constructions provide advantages in weight, diameter, and ease of termination to name a few.

All Harbour cables are optimized to meet customers' electrical requirements taking into consideration FAA, ARINC, military and industrial specifications. Harbour's High-Speed Data Cables are used for many demanding aerospace applications such as In-Flight Entertainment Systems, Cabin Management Systems, Ethernet Backbone Avionics, and Ground Vehicle Trunk and Bus.

Data Master® Gigabit Ethernet
Data Master® Aero provides 1000 Base T Cat 5e performance
AeroBit's 10 Gigabit performance allows for future signal headroom
AeroFit's smaller lighter weight cable provides 1000 Base T performance

Data Master® Quad Constructions
Four-conductor "Quadrax" cables support Gigabit Ethernet, FDDI, USB, and 1394 standards
100 and 150 Ohm impedance, 150ºC and 200ºC rated, tested to 1 GHz

Twisted Pair & Composite Constructions
Data Bus, Twinax, and multiconductor constructions
One through five pair configurations in various gauge sizes and insulation types