Sumitomo Tubing and Sleeving

WireMasters distributes a large line of SUMITUBE® and SumiMark® tubing products manufactured by Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products, Inc. (SEIP). The ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer ensures each product is properly tested to industry standards to serve markets such as OEM’s, Industrial, MRO, Automotive and Military/Aerospace.

SUMITUBE® products are a line of Sumitomo tubing products that conform to military, aerospace, UL and CSA industry standards. Composed of various materials including irradiated cross-linked heat-shrinkable polyolefins, fluoroplastics, and elastomers the SUMITUBE® is available in diameters ranging from 3/64" to 4", in various colors.

SumiMark® tubing is Sumitomo’s heat shrinkable tubing that is supplied in several constructions of general purpose polyolefins, dual wall tubings, high-temperature PVDF and fluoroelastomers to help provide strain relief and insulation to wiring products. These tubing and marking ribbons come in multiple colors on continuous spools, giving you countless possibilities for customizing and color-coding your product.

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