M3190/7 – Braided Fiberglass/modified Viton-VARGLAS Viton 231 | MIL-I-3190/7

  • MIL-I-3190/7 is a braided fiberglass/modified Viton® composite sleeving also known as VARGLAS Viton 231 (QPL manufactured by Varflex). The flexible protective sleeving offers superior abrasion and cut-through resistance with operating temperatures ranging from -70°C to 220°C. It’s flame retardant characteristics make it an ideal choice for wiring insulation in crucial situations with high continuous temperatures. It also offers excellent protection against oils, fuel, and other chemicals the wiring might encounter on aerospace and defense applications.

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    Available in black, white, and natural, M3190/7 sleeving is offered in 24 gauge through 3 ” l.D and are packaged in Coils, spools or 36” lengths depending on your requirements.

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