M3190/5 – Silicone Resin Coated Fiberglass Grade A| MIL-I-3190/5

  • M3190/5 sleeving is a fiberglass braid coated with silicone resin. The Class 200°C rated sleeving is also referred to as Varglas Silicone Resin 500 and Ben-Har™ 1062 produced from Qualified Products List (QPL) manufactures, Varflex and Atkins & Pearce. The superior tubing product can be utilized in complex wiring systems to help provide flexibility, resistance against splitting/abrasion, and radiation.

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    Available is sizes ranging from 24 gauge (AWG) through 1" and various color options, our WireMasters team can help you choose the MIL-I-3190/5 sleeving product to help fit and enhance your motors (nuclear and electric), and aerospace and aircraft wiring leads. Contact our team today for help choosing your mil-spec tubing product. Email us now at wminfo@wiremasters.net.