M3190/2 – Vinyl Coated Braided Fiberglass Grade – A | MIL-I-3190

  • High-quality vinyl coated Fiberglass sleeving available at WireMasters! M3190/2 | MIL-I-3190/2 Grade–A products are a flexible sleeving option used as electrical wiring insulation coated with a modified polyvinyl chloride resin. This braided Fiberglass sleeving can provide your wiring with protection in extreme heat conditions with temperature ratings of Class 130°C. The category B sleeving also holds good protective qualities against humidity, has a 50% retention of dielectric breakdowns, and is a great resistant to chemicals.

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    Offered in various colors and sizes, WireMasters can ship your M3190/2 quickly, and if in stock your products can ship out the same day! Our customer service team is here to help you locate the correct size and tubing solution for your military, aerospace, or defense applications. Give them a call today at 1.800.635.5342 or you can reach them by email at wminfo@wiremasters.net