MIL-S-83519 | SAE-AS83519 Termination Sleeves

Provide superior connections to your wire and cable with WireMasters M83519 Termination Sleeves. Apply heat to these mil-spec termination sleeves to melt the solder which flows to form a connection between the ground lead and the shield. There are two thermoplastic sealing inserts which melt so the outer sleeve can shrink and provide a termination for environmental protection.

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The M83519 specification is considered a heat-shrinkable solder type of shield termination and is often used on data-bus Cables, RF cables, and shielded cables that have operating temperatures up to 150°C. Constructed with special transparent cross-linked polyvinylidene fluoride tubing, they form a high-quality termination of EMI/RFI shielding (to ground) in wire harness applications.

WireMasters can help you select the heat shrink termination sleeve for your tin or silver shields that will provide an optimized and lasting connection to you aerospace and defense wiring systems. Call our WireMasters team today at 1.800.635.5342 or email