Termination Sleeves

In addition to our wire and cable products, WireMasters offers a large line of interconnect products, such as our Termination Sleeves. These military standard solder termination sleeves are used throughout aerospace and defense for EMI Shield to Ground Termination, wire to wire splicing, environmental protection, shield termination, and wire to pin terminations.

Supplied in a variety of materials and sizes, termination sleeves help provide encapsulation, inspectability, strain relief, and insulation to your wire and cable systems. Constructed of material likes cross-linked polyolefin, polyolefin, cross-linked modified polyvinylidene fluoride, Fluoropolymer, etc. , termination sleeves are often used with products such as Data bus cables, RF cables, and other similar shielded cables.

WireMasters can help locate a termination sleeve that properly fits your wire harness application so you can provide a fast and controlled solder joint, and the best thing is we stock these products so they available for same day shipping. Contact our customer service team today at wminfo@wiremasters.net or call 1.800.635.5342.