WireMasters carries an assortment of mil-spec lacing tape products under the A-A-5208* specification, formally known as MIL-T-43435. These mil-spec tapes are flat braided tapes suitable for lacing and tying telephone switchboard cable forms, hookup wires, cable ends, aircraft cable bundles, electrical/electronic equipment, and wire-harness assemblies.

This specification ranges from A-A-52080 THRU A-A-52084 in five types nylon, polyester, Teflon, glass, and nomex materials.

These mil-spec tapes come in the following finishes; wax, synthetic rubber,elastomer,teglon,vinyl, silicon resin, liquid nylon, and no finish. If the part number has a “*” designation this indicates the product will be self-extinguishing.

If the lacing tape part number you are searching for is not listed above, WireMasters can still support your requirements. Give us a call at 1.800.635.5342 or enter the item into our quick quote where you will receive an answer shortly.