T/E Connectivity Spec 44A Wire

WireMasters is a proud distributor of T/E Connectivity products including their Spec 44A hook up wires. These dual-wall insulated wires offer a light weight reliable performance up to temperatures of 150°C [221°F]. The Spec 44 wire is constructed with outstanding physical and electrical characteristics of radiation crosslinked polyalkene with the excellent mechanical and chemical properties of radiation cross-linked polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF).

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Resistant to most chemicals and electrical arc tracking, T/E Connectivity Spec 44 Wire is available in multiple conductor materials such as tin, silver, and nickel coated copper along with high strength copper alloy versions of each material. Voltage ratings will range from 600, 1000, and 2500 depending on the thickness of the wall construction. Products falling under the Spec 44 constructions are known as the easiest of the ’high performance’ wires to install and even meet the military specification Mil-W-81044 | M81044.

Originally developed for aerospace and military requirements in applications of high density and complex circuitry, Spec 44 wire and cable now finds wide use throughout industry, in commercial and military electronics, avionics, on satellites, aircraft, helicopters, ships, trains, and offshore platforms where environmental conditions demand consistently reliable performance. In airframe applications Spec 44 constructions can offer a modern dimensional replacement for PVC/ Nylon/Glass braid type wire and cables.

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