Raychem Cat 6a Cable

A Smaller, More Rugged Cable For Harsh Military And Aerospace Environments

Achieve 10 Gb/s speeds while saving space and helping to meet the demands of harsh military and aerospace environments. Raychem Cat 6a cables are fully shielded four-pair cables meeting the electrical requirements of ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 for Category 6a cable. The cable’s FEP insulation and jacket allow a reduced- diameter cable, when compared to standard commercial Cat 6a cables, while stranded conductors provide high flexibility in routing.

  • Engineered to Perform, High Speed, High Compatibility

    The cable is highly engineered to provide excellent 10G signal integrity and performance stability over a temperature range as wide as -55°C to +200°C. The cable comes in two wire gauges: the industry-standard 24 AWG and a smaller 26 AWG as required in certain military and aerospace applications.

    Compared to commonly used tape-wrapped cables, Raychem Cat 6a cables are easier to terminate. Plus the cable is compatible with common high-speed aerospace and military connectors. This compatibility includes TE’s high-performance 10 Gb/s CeeLok FAS-T and CeeLok FAS-X connectors.

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