Shipboard Cable-Low Smoke; Zero Halogen (LSZH) -M24640, M24643, and more!

WireMasters stocks and distributes a large number of mil-spec Low Smoke; Zero Halogen (LSZH) cables also known as shipboard cable. Utilized aboard commercial ships, marine vessels, submarines, yachts, and other boating based equipment, shipboard cables enhance safety and communications onboard. The three main military specifications WireMasters carries are the M24640, M24643, Mil-C-915, among others. Under these specifications you will find cable characteristics called out with a series of letters; O= Unarmored, A=Armored, S= Shielded, and W= Watertight.

  • M24640 M24640 Broad temperature and frequency range makes these cables suitable for a wide range of applications
  • M24643 M24643 Double Shielded, FEP Jacket, PTFE dielectric, Silver Plated Copper, stranded center conductor
  • Other Shipboard Cables Other Shipboard Cables Double Silver Coated Copper Shield, Solid PTFE Dielectric, Silver covered copper clad solid steel center conductor, FEP Jacket

The light weight shipboard specification M24640 is built with smaller diameters to help increase weight savings throughout navy shipboard applications. Weight and space savings can be crucial on certain interconnect systems.

M24643 shipboard cables are utilized when flammability and toxicity is a concern. These flame resistant special purpose cables are similar and equal in size to the old Mil-C-915 constructions and often used specifically on naval ships and shore stations.

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