RMS Wire

Utilized on aircrafts and particularly in the aircraft engines, RMS wire and cable is available in various constructions such as; single wire shielded and jacketed, twisted cables, two or more cores twisted shielded and jacketed, and two or more cores twisted unshielded jacketed. The cables construction, features, and QPL status are all determined by the selection of your RMS number from RMS 302, RMS 320, RMS 322, RMS 323, RMS 324, RMS 327, RMS 332, etc.

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The high temperature RMS 324 wires hold QPL status and are composed of nickel coated copper conductors with temperature ratings at a maximum of 260°C. When using the RMS 324 cables, they are constructed with PTFE taped jackets fused with braided nickel plated copper shielding.

Another popular RMS wire is the RMS 327 cable which also holds a QPL status with temperature ratings at 260°C. The miniature firezone, high temperature, high strength copper alloy (CFMI ENGINES) is constructed in 16 to 20 gauge with Nickel clad, high strength copper alloy conductors, and jacketed with PTFE fused tapes.

RMS 332 is another high temperature wire composed with Nickel coated high strength copper alloy conductors with PTFE fused tapes. This particular spec is often utilized when applications endure severe wind and moisture problems (swamp areas).

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