Other Mil-Spec Wire Products

Among our other mil-spec wire products we also carry an assortment of other mil-spec wire products such as; safety wire (MS20995), buss bar (AA-59551 / QQ-W-343), wire rope, and PVC wiring products. We have a few options to help you locate the wiring product you could be search for.

  1. Use the pictures below to browse by wiring category
  2. Type or paste your part number in the search bar located in the upper right hand corner of this page
  3. Click this link and type in your part number this link and type in your part number
  • Safety Wire Safety Wire Safety/Lock Wire prevents fasteners from loosening and falling out due to vibration while in use.
  • Buss Bar Wire Rope Coil Cord Buss Bar/Wire Rope/Coil Cord Double Shielded, FEP Jacket, PTFE dielectric, Silver Plated Copper, stranded center conductor
  • PVC Wire PVC Wire Double Silver Coated Copper Shield, Solid PTFE Dielectric, Silver covered copper clad solid steel center conductor, FEP Jacket

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If you have any additional questions concerning mil-spec wire our WireMasters team is always here to help! If we can’t locate a wire that fits the solution to your application, we can work with your engineers and build you a custom cable. No matter your aerospace or defense application we will find the proper wiring solution to your needs! Call us today at 1.800.635.5342.