MIL-W-5086 (M5086) | SAE AS50861

The M5086 specification is an insulated aircraft cable commonly used in the aerospace industry due to its strong resistance to abrasion, impact, and liquids. Constructed for critical circuit applications, the M5086 product is a perfect cable solution when operating in harsh conditions. See below for a full list of M5086 product offerings.

The Airframe wiring cable M5086 is offered in seven styles

with tinned copper conductors, PVC insulation, and nylon jacketing. The PVC/nylon constructions provide the extra chemical resistance to fluids such as alcohol, dilute acids, fuels, hydraulic fluids, oil, water and many others. In certain aircraft applications, weight savings are extremely important. The M5086 provides a good alternative with lightweight walls that help reduce the overall weight of the material.

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