Mil-W-16878 (M16878) | NEMA HP3, HP4, HP5, HP6, HP8

Offering a wide selection of the M16878 hook up wire, WireMasters is one of the industry leaders for Mil-Spec and BMS products. This specification covers general purpose unshielded wire with temperature ratings ranging from -65 to 260 degrees Celsius (°C), with potential rating from 250 to 5,000 volts root mean square (Vrms). See below for a list of M16878 product offerings.

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MIL-W-16878/1 Type B | Mil-W-76 Type LW MIL-W-16878/13 | NEMA HP4 Type KT
MIL-W-16878/23 Type ET
MIL-W-16878/2 Type C | Mil-W-76 Type MWC MIL-W-16878/14 | NEMA HP5 Type L
MIL-W-16878/24 Type ET
MIL-W-16878/3 Type D | Mil-W-76 Type HW MIL-W-16878/15 | NEMA HP5 Type LL
MIL-W-16878/25 Type E
MIL-W-16878/4 (M16878/4) | NEMA HP3 Type E MIL-W-16878/16 | NEMA HP5 Type LX
MIL-W-16878/27 Type EE
MIL-W-16878/5 (M16878/5) | NEMA HP3 Type EE MIL-W-16878/17 Type B/N
MIL-W-16878/6 (M16878/6) | NEMA HP3 TYPE ET MIL-W-16878/18 Type C/N
MIL-W-16878/8 (M16878/8) | NEMA HP6 MIL-W-16878/19 Type D/N
MIL-W-16878/11 | NEMA HP4 Type K
MIL-W-16878/21 Type E
MIL-W-16878/12 | NEMA HP4 Type KK
MIL-W-16878/22 Type EE

All Mil-Spec wire is built strictly to military standard to ensure the highest quality product will meet all aerospace and defense applications.

When using the M16878 specification, the wire will pass UL VW-1 Flame Test and withstand harsh operating environments. Due to the M16878 wire elements such as size, high-temp ratings, non-flammable materials, and resistance to chemicals the hook-up wire is often used in harness applications and internal wiring of electrical equipment.