MIL-DTL-3432 Component Cables

Ranked as a high quality “CO” (component cable), the M3432 specification is a flexible military cable designed to withstand in harsh military environments. Offered in light, medium, and heavy duty constructions, the power cable is equivalent to the UL 62 with voltage ratings of 300V and 600V.

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Ranging from 8 AWG through 500 MCM, these special purpose cables are available in conductor counts of 2, 3, and 4.

The M3432 cables that are considered heavy duty and must be able to withstand heavy vehicles and severe flexing. Applications for these cables may include; heavy portable tools and equipment, charging cables, and power and control cords. Medium duty and light duty cannot withstand as much impact as the heavy duty type and often the lightweight is used for portable tools and generators only.

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