The MIL-DTL-13486 specification is one of many Mil-spec cables WireMasters carries. This special purpose electrical cable is offered in single and multi-conductor options that can be supplied with or without a shield.

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The heavy duty cable is used throughout the MRAP program on military ground vehicles such as; truck, tanks, trailers, etc. Offering resistance to abrasion, fungus, and expose to weather, the M13486 cable can provide protection from fluids such as oils, ethylene glycol, and salt water.

The low-tension cable is offered in two types and classes with conductor sizes ranging from 4/0 to 20 gauge. Let one of these M13486 waterproof high temperature cables complete your systems today!

WireMasters can provide wire and cable to all your heavy duty military and aerospace applications. Give us a call today and let us supply the perfect solution for your systems.