MIL-C-55021 | NEMA WC 55021

The mil-spec cable M55021 is one of the many electrical cables WireMasters carries. Consisting of twisted internal hookup wires from the Mil-spec wires M16878, the finished high temperature cable specification can be unshielded and unjacketed, or shielded and jacketed.

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The Mil-C-55021 cable is intended for use in internal wiring of electrical equipment for applications of -40°C to +105°C (M55021/1) and -65°C to +200°C (M55021/2). Cable constructed with PVC insulation or jackets are not intended for use in aerospace applications. WireMasters can help you build the M55021 part number you are looking for or help you design a cable to fit your application. Call us today to help locate a mil-spec cable solution for you!