M17/RG's are traditional MIL Spec coax cables that were born 50-60 years ago. Originally created to support WWII military applications, these cables quickly became the products of choice for commercial wireless applications once they hit the surplus market, and continue to be used today. Widely adopted for commercial and military applications, the M17/RG meets the MIL-C-17 spec and holds QPL stature to insure a high quality product made to the same spec regardless of the manufacturer.

  • M17/113-RG316
  • M17/84-RG223
  • M17/60-RG142
  • M17/75-RG214
  • M17/127-RG393

M17 Power Handling

The coax cables solid dielectric materials (high thermal conductivity) provides excellent power handling capability operating at broad temperature ratings. Acceptable in low frequency applications, the M17/RG shielding effectiveness ranges from 40 to 60 dB and demonstrates low passive intermod (PIM).

With silver plated outer conductors, oxidation is prevented and therefore minimizing minimizing attenuation change vs time. Conversely, bare copper outer conductors may oxidize quite rapidly precipitating loss increase which is only significant at frequencies > 500 MHz.