High-Speed Data Cables

WireMasters strives to provide the latest high-speed data cable products to our aerospace customers. The In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) and aerospace ethernet markets are on the rise as technology continues to advance and is expected to quadruple worldwide over the next decade. With such high demands, WireMasters is fully dedicated to stocking products and working with our suppliers to develop and distribute cables that deliver high data transfer rates at cost efficient prices. Although bandwidth speed is a top priority throughout these products lines, we also offer light weight IFE wiring to cut down on the overall weight of the aircraft.

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All high speed data cables All Data Cables Aerospace data cables from simple twisted, shielded pairs, full duplex and quad cables to complex multi-conductor designs.
1 Pair 1 Pair 1 Pair Data Bus cables from a variety of manufacturers, ranging in gauge size from 20 to 30 AWG.
2 Pair 2 Pair 2 Pair Databus cables which streamline communication between various electronic components and avionic units.
Quadrax Quadrax Four conductor cables that support Gigabit ethernet speeds for In-Flight Entertainment applications
4 Pair 4 Pair 4 Pair aerospace Ethernet cables which meet a variety of specifications including Gigabit, FireWire, Cat6 and Cat6a.
USB USB Flight-proven designs which deliver high-speed data transmission and withstand the stringent demands of aerospace.

As the market continues to expand, WireMasters will continue working with our manufacturing partners such as Harbour, T/E Connectivity, Carlisle/ ECS, PIC, Emteq, Thermax, among others to create and produce cutting edge IFE solutions to meet the needs of today’s airline passengers. Team with WireMasters to provide an unforgettable customer experience by utilizing the latest in IFE wire and cable technology. For more information and questions regarding in-flight entertainment products give us a call at 1.800.635.5342.