Expandable Sleeving

WireMasters stocks a variety of expandable sleeving to help protect and organize your wire, cable, hoses and wire harness applications. These braided sleeving products provide extensive protection against dirt, abrasion, moisture, UV, oils, fuel, chemicals, and high temperatures all while easily fitting conveniently over the cable or harness wires.

PET High Temp Fiberglass
Flame Retardant (FR) Blend of Peek and PPS
Flexo Shield
PPS-Polyphenylene Sulfide
RoundIt Nomex
Flexo Heavy Wall
Halar Clean Cut
PFA-Perfluoroalkoxy Silica
Silicone Rubber & Fiberglass PEEK
TFN-Teflon Braid Viton
Clean Cut Flame Retardant (FR) Ryton
Flexo F6/Flexo F6 FR PTO-OverExpanded
Nickel Plated Copper Cable Wrap
Gorilla Sleeve

Our expandable sleeving products offer an alternative solution to heat shrink tubing without having the added process of shrinking the tubing product. Each line of expandable sleeving is offered in a variety of sizes so that we can help you find a proper fit depending on the size of your wire and cable.

WireMasters is partners with multiple manufacturers such as Techflex, Federal Mogul/Bentley Harris, and Tyco to help provide our customers with a large assortment of innovative products. No matter your aerospace or defense application, WireMasters experienced sales team can help you locate even the most advanced sleeving solutions. Call us today at 1.855.842.6775 or email wminfo@wiremasters.net for all your additional expandable sleeving questions.