EN Wire and Cable

EN Wire and Cable specifications are known as Airbus and Eurocopter wire and cables. Offered in a variety of different constructions, you can quickly recognize these parts as they all begin with the prefix EN. The EN spec can also fall under multiple categories such as hook up and airframe wires, coaxial cables, twinax bus cables, quad Ethernet cables, optical cables, flight test cables, fire resistant cables, power feeder cables, and then some are specialty cables.

The AFAQ (French Association for Quality Assurance) has placed special requirements over these cables under the EN 9100 certification quality system, which is built off the ISO 9001:2008 standards.

It’s important these wires undergo the proper testing to be sure they adhere to their characteristics such as arc tracking, moisture resistant, light weight, hybrid insulation, and various temperature ratings. WireMasters is a proud supplier of the EN cables and they undergo extensive inspections through our top of the line quality department. Call WireMasters today for a quote on your EN cable at 1.800.635.5342 or email us at wminfo@wiremasters.net