Connectors Backshells and Dustcaps

WireMasters continually works to expand our interconnect accessory lines to enhance the strength, support, EMI shielding, and environmental protection these products bring to customers harnessing capabilities.

connectors Connectors Commercial or military, avionics and aerospace applications
Backshells Backshells Straight, 90, 45, environmental, non-environmental, adaptors
Dust Caps Dust Caps All common aerospace and military sizes and uses.

About Mil-Spec Connectors, Backshells, and Dust Caps

Mil-spec connectors are an important part of electronic components when building aerospace and defense harness applications. WireMasters stocks a variety of these connectors such as pins, contacts, tinel locks, ground straps, sealing plugs, terminal lugs, receptacles, and more. Our most popular connector series is the military specification MS27466 which is a front wall mount receptacle.

WireMasters provides a variety of backshell options available in an assortment of angels; straight, 45 degrees, and 90 degrees. Our advanced backshell line is built to comply with strict military standards and specifications with special locking technologies to provide superior strain relief, EMI protection, and band locks to our customer’s applications. We even carry the new Amphenol PCD Alumalight backshell which is a high-quality lightweight metal backshell option that offers superior EMI performance.

Mil-spec rated Dust Caps protect and plug connectors and other harnessing components from physical damage. The cap works as a sealant against particles, moisture, and other possible contaminations.  Dust caps are offered with expanded, layered options, and a variety of QPL selections that meet the military standard MIL-DTL-38999 (D38999).

WireMasters was recently named an authorized distributor for Amphenol PCD products. WireMasters also works closely with other leading industry component manufacturers such as T/E Connectivity, Conesys/Aero Electric, Cooper Bussmann, Deutsch, Eaton, Electro Adapter, Glenair, Honeywell, Icore, ITT Cannon, Molex, Radiall, Souriau, Sunbank, and more! For further questions regarding WireMasters harnessing components give our customer service team a call at 1.800.635.5342 or email