Raybraid | Tinned Copper or Nickel Tubular Braiding for Electrical Screening

Raybraid manufactured by T/E CONNECTIVITY | RAYCHEM is part of WireMasters extensive advanced braid product lines. Ray 90, Ray 101, and Ray 103 are the three Raybraid specifications that are manufactured in tubular form making it more robust than braid supplied in flattened form. Offering superior expansion ratios, The Raybraid 90 offers a minimum of 90% optical coverage, while Raybraid 101 and 103 provide a minimum of 93% and maximum 100% optical coverage.

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Raybraid 90 and 101 are both tinned copper braided shields that hold temperature ratings of 150ºC and the Raybraid 103 is a Nickel Copper braid that’s temperature rating rises above 150ºC. All three specifications are often utilized for electrical screening of wire bundles on military harnesses.

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