A-A-59569 | QQ-B-575 Metal Braid Products

Shield and protect your aerospace and defense systems with WireMasters A-A-59569 | Q-Q-B575 Braid products. Offered in a tubular round or flat form, these braid shieldings will be constructed of tin, nickel, or silver coated copper to protect electrical conductors or connections.

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These braided wire products vary in size to help conform and protect your wire, cable, wire harnesses, cable assemblies, or other components. When placed over the equivalent diameter to the inside diameter of the tubular braid, the shield coverage from the braid is 95% or more. The use of these products helps reduce the chance for mechanical abrasion and stresses often placed on aerospace wiring products during demanding environments.

Our WireMasters team of braid experts can help you choose the braid size and product to optimize the shielding on your wire and cable systems. Call us now at 1.800.635.5342 or reach us my email at wminfo@wiremasters.net.