Shield and protect your aerospace and defense applications with WireMasters mil-spec braid products. Available in a variety of constructions and materials, our experienced sales staff can help you locate the proper braid item to fit the shape, size, and specifications needed to optimize your shield effectiveness.

Metal braid is one of WireMasters' most popular categories for the military specification AA59569 | QQB575 which is available in tinned, silver, or nickel plated copper wire braids supplied in tubular or flat form. WireMasters can also provide metal braids composed of aluminum, bronze, stainless steel and other metal types in a variety of sizes to meet your requirements.

Protect your application from electrostatic interference, mechanical abrasions, and stress on your cables with WireMasters top of the line braid products. If you aren’t sure which part fits your applications, call our WireMasters sales team today at 1.800.635.5342 or email