ITAR Controlled Specialty Cables

A number of wire, cable, and components are considered ITAR Controlled or specialty items. WireMasters specializes in these products which are often referred to as Missile Specs, Space Grade specs, Army Drawings, and McDonnell Douglas specs.

  • missile specs Missile Specs Broad temperature and frequency range makes these cables suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Space Grade Space Grade Double Shielded, FEP Jacket, PTFE dielectric, Silver Plated Copper, stranded center conductor
  • Army Drawings Army Drawings Double Silver Coated Copper Shield, Solid PTFE Dielectric, Silver covered copper clad solid steel center conductor, FEP Jacket
  • Mcdonnell Douglas McDonnell Douglas Single bare copper shield, Solid Polyethylene Dielectric, Stranded bare copper center conductor, PVC Jacket.

These special cables undergo extensive quality inspections and testing procedures to ensure they are being manufactured to the proper requirements. The Missile cables are popular specialty cables WireMasters carries and fall under specifications such as MIS-20054, MIS-20076, MIS-20148, MIS-20186, MIS-20057, MIS-35755, MIS-20185 and more!

With a strong relationship with T/E Connectivity WireMasters also specializes in high-performance space grade wire and cable specifications with products such as 55/0112-x-x, 55/0312-x-x, 55/0324-x-x, 55/2322-x-x, 55/7292-x-x, along with others.

Army Drawings and McDonnell Douglas are also significant wiring specifications in which WireMasters specializes. WireMasters carries special purpose military electrical wire and cable that are manufactured specifically to Army Drawings while McDonnell Douglas specs are also constructed under selective and crucial criteria for their drawings such as 5M388, STD0101, STD0104, STD0106, and various others.

For help on selecting the proper specialty cable for your application, call our WireMasters team today at 1.800.635.5342.