BMS13-48 Specification

Approved by Boeing, the BMS13-48 specification establishes the requirements for insulated wire and cable with tin-coated, nickel-coated, and silver-coated copper conductors, nickel-coated and silver-coated high strength copper alloy conductors and a primary insulation of cross-linked Ethylenetetrafluoroethylene (ETFE). Intended for "General Purpose" use in both pressurized and unpressurized areas of aircraft, this product's application can withstand exposure to temperatures from -65 C to +150 C and various corrosive fluids. When operating with circuits where this wire and cable is utilized the voltage rating will be limited to 600Vrms, and during a continuous operation the stabilized conductor temperature will be limited to 150C.

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The construction of the wire is determined by the wire and cable type, class, and gauge size. With sixty-five types and seven classes, the specifications cover sizes 24 AWG through 4/0 AWG. When completed, the products will have a jacket color of white unless otherwise specified.

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WireMasters carries all qualified manufacturers of this product including Judd, T/E Connectivity, and Thermax. Since becoming a T/E authorized distributor in 2012, WireMasters stocks Tyco’s 55PC high performance wire and cable, which meets the Boeing Material Specification for BMS13-48.

We know the break-down of these part numbers can be tricky; below WireMasters provides a handy guide to help you determine the proper wire for your application. Download the WireMasters BMS reference charts-CLICK HERE.