Spec 55 | BMS 13-48

Spec-55 wire is insulated with modified radiation cross-linked ETFE polymer. The dual wall airframe construction is currently implemented on numerous aircraft programs. Choices of wall thickness include .25 [.010] (55A08XX 10 mil) and 0.2 [.008] (55A02XX 8 mil). Spec-55 includes a contrasting core color acting as a damage indicator. Balancing properties make this wire ideal for resistance to chemical and solvents, and impeccable electrical arc rack resistance.

With temperature ranges of -65°C to 200°C, these T/E Connectivity products are chemical resistant and used on high-temperature hook up wire applications.

Available in single or dual wall constructions, the Spec 55 wire is small in size, lighter weight, and resistant to electrical arc tracking in wet or dry conditions. The 55PC portion of this spec is unique as it adheres to the Boeing material standard BMS13-48 spec.

Spec-55 is also not susceptible to UV and moisture degradable.

Single wall equipment constructions are available in 0.10 [.004] (55/03XX 4 mil) and 0.15 [.006] (6mil) wall thicknesses. These thicknesses are ideal for use inside black boxes Spec-55 is available in twisted pairs, triples, and can be made into shielded and jacketed cables. Exceeds FAR 25 test requirements for flame resistance and smoke density and providing excellent flexibility makes Spec 55 the ideal wire to install for new aircraft and equipment maintenance.