NAS 703

This National Aerospace Standard specification NAS-703 covers tetrafluoroethylene resin (teflon) insulated copper hook-up and general purpose wire suitable for use in temperatures ranging from -65ºC to 200ºC (-85ºF to 392ºF). This wire is intended for installation in electronic systems where the operating temperature (above 105ºC) precludes the use of Specification NAS 702 wire.

Monitored by the AIA (Aerospace Industries Association), the Teflon hook-up wire is available in three Types.

These types include Type U (unshielded), Type S (shielded), and Type SJ (shielded and jacketed) and all are available in two classes, Class A for 1000 volt rating and Class C for 600 volt rating. Wire manufactured to this specification will meet and exceed the performance requirements of MIL-W-16878C types E and EU wire. There is no guarantee that wire manufactured to MIL-W-16878C will meet the additional requirements of this specification

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